What is New Music for Olds?

This newsletter has a very simple premise: You don’t have time to discover new music. I do. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

Each bi-weekly edition of New Music for Olds will include these low-commitment and easily digestible sections:

  • Good Stuff

    Three new or new-ish tunes, along with a bit of semi-keen insight from yours truly. These songs will run the stylistic gamut, with the caveat that I am a 48yo suburban white dude raised on MTV and guitar-based music, so...

  • For Fans of…

    A brief introduction to an active artist who may evoke one of your longtime faves, be they The Cure or Motorhead or Tori Amos.

  • Some Bullshit

    Could be a podcast recommendation, or a YouTube clip dissection, or a goofy music quiz. Who knows—it’s just some bullshit!

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Is that it?

Yes, I believe it is!

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I'm a dipshit comedian and you should take everything I have to say, music-related or otherwise, with a metric ton of salt.